“For the next five minutes, I had it out with God. I quietly wept and cursed and questioned. Things I didn’t even know were on my mind came out of my mouth. Then I decided that this moment was as good as any to stick this flower somewhere. I marched up to that cross, the chicken wire frame completely empty. I shoved that tulip in the middle of the cross.”

Pray with me.


“You are the salt of the earth. Your mistakes, your hopes, your quirks, and your gifts sprinkled into the world in the most ordinary of ways are salt. Your certainties and your doubts in faith, your smallest acts of response to the love you have been given are sparks of light that point to Christ.”

Feed your soul.


“I want my imagination to dust off its running shoes again, instead of making a dent in the couch where it’s been sitting.

It was there once. It used to drive alot of creative adventures. It let me see more. It even gave me a nickname once.”

Ponder anew.