A Prayer for Friday

A Prayer for Friday

I had everything set for this week, the planner was decked out. I was ready to make things happen and get things done.
Lord, maybe I am not the maker of things?

Monday launched, and we soared through the lists, zipped fast through the errands, put all the things on all the shelves where they belong. We went to sleep, all folded and laid out for the next day.
Lord, thank you for days that feel complete.

The next day was beautiful. And the next. But the week did not get things done, these things I had planned. The minutes scattered away, completely ignoring the corrals I had set for them.
Lord, somewhere we lost steam.

The tasks matter, at least to me. And to the running of our tiny world. The tasks are not everything, but they are something. I never liked leaving blanks on a test, when I could get extra points for showing my work.
Lord, I confess that I grade myself a C+ for a question that is not even on the final.

The wise ones say, don’t worry about it. The kind ones say, you did the things that matter. The shiny ones say, pin this and make it happen.
Lord, I hear your voice say you know me. You smile and whisper: worry and doing and shining are the things that make you just you.

That is me. That is me with lists in hand and three new ideas. That is me stopping, listening, playing “I spy” and being interrupted by my loves. That is the me who is becoming. Tired but excited, challenged but focused, inadequate but so wonderfully full.
Lord, are you really saying, “you do you”?

The good news is it’s Friday. There is enough grace coming in the holy communion of Saturday’s waffles and the sacred mess of Sunday’s best efforts to cover anything I have missed.
Lord, may these moments ready us for a new week.

I am grateful for the moments. And honest enough to know that I will once again jot down one million ways to keep our schedule humming right along. Before I fly off into Monday with a caffienated flourish, let me hold Friday’s truth in my busy hands:

Becoming matters more than doing.

Grace fills all the blanks.
Lord, “take my moments and my days, let them flow in ceaseless praise.”

Also from Erin Robinson Hall


I told my sister I was proud that she was marching, but I could not do it. I was very anxious about being in crowds upon crowds of people. Then, she decided to march close to home, in Atlanta. I decided if I could name the reasons I should march, then I would do it. Here is what I came up with. This is why I plan to march on January 21, 2017. Because marching is a visual signal of the multitude of people who have something to say. It’s one thing to claim “alot of people.” It is quite another thing to see the impact on cities around the globe when people show up by the thousands, stand in city streets, and speak. This visual reminder becomes part of our imagination when we talk about “We, the People.” Because I am choosing to have trust in those who love me. I am trusting that they will love me more than they dislike my views. There is some risk for me in marching, in that my presence there will offend some family and friends. My husband and my Dad wholeheartedly support me marching, even thought they will not be there. I know that others may be surprised, offended or confused that I would participate. I am trusting that they will continue to love me in spite of how we see things differently. I have listened when they share. I have respectfully watched Fox News when it is on in their homes. Mostly, I don’t bring up political thoughts, because I am usually not interested in that being the focus....

I stood on Hope

I hear you. Prayer tweets are just not enough. But I still claim that God is.

God is, through us.

I Brave

Deep waters, flames, and fears have come before. They will probably come again. But the narrative I want my child to have, and the narrative I hope to voice continually for myself and for my family is this: Fear doesn’t win. We are strong. And just in case we’re not brave enough, we will be brave for each other.

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